Agile Coaching, Training, Skills Test what JoinAgile offers in a nutshell. HR or Recruitment professional? Our Lean-Agile Skills Testing Portal is what you're looking for.

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Founded by professional Agile Coach and Trainer, this Community-centered Initiative is growing

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Learn Agile and Lean

With more companies adopting the New Ways of Working, learn to stay relevant on the job market

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Get ahead of the crowd with relevant knowledge and skills assessment, and find the job you want

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Books & Videos


Want an Agile Job? This book tells you about career change into Agile Job space, with a few practical helpful pointers.


How do you become an Agile Coach? This book attempts to give you some basic understanding and a starting point.


Don't like reading? ;) Learn all the key concepts of Agile and Lean that will get you going

Agile Skills Test

Introduction to JoinAgile Skills Testing Portal

Agile Coaching

Learn about why focusing on Agile Tools (vs everything else) is a mistake

Career Advice

High level advice for those who want to change their career and get an Agile job

Services Overview

Lean-Agile Training

We offer a number of classroom training programs for your people.

Lean-Agile Coaching

Need a Coach on the ground to make sure things work properly?

Agile Evaluation

Need someone to review your business and produce an improvement plan?

Test your Hires

Our Lean-Agile Skills Test will detect how good your job applicants really are.

Custom Programs

Any specific requests? Skills Test Portal features you miss? Get in touch!

Coaching Support

Don't need a full time coach, but would like to be supported? Let's talk.

About the Founder

Dmitri is an experienced Business Transformation professional, Lean-Agile Coach, Trainer, Author.

Passionate about the New Ways of Working.

Believer that Agile "out of the box" rarely works.

Influencer of positive change in organisations.

Developer of solutions that aim to uplift the professional quality of Agile people on the Market.

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