What are “Hybrid” roles you ask? It’s those where recruiters or the companies offering actual jobs try and combine responsibilities of multiple Agile Delivery roles into one position, creating those – sometimes rather weird and unproductive – hybrids. It’s roles like Project Manager/Scrum Master (PM/SM), or Business Analyst/Iteration Manager (BA/IM), and many other combinations where paying attention to what your potential employer is asking for would be crucial for you to be remotely successful in that role, as well as staying sane! 😉

This video will give you my take on the present day Agile Hybrid roles advertised on the market, which ones are somewhat “okay” to go for, and which ones are screaming lack of employer’s understanding of what e.g. a Scrum Master is supposed to do vs. a Project Manager. As desperate as one could become looking for a job these days, some roles are simply not worth wasting your time and brain cells on, in my opinion.