Having some sort of work experience in the relevant area is crucial to success when applying for any of the present day Agile Project Management or Delivery roles. Situations where someone would give you e.g. a Scrum Master role just by looking at your fresh CSM or PSM certification are extremely rare, and usually contained to side-shifting within your own company, where basically people know you, and want to give you a chance. As fantastic as those rare opportunities are, we should focus on the open competitive market conditions, where you walk into the door of the potential employer as a fresh applicant, with no history with that new company. So how do you convince them to hire you?

Or more to the topic – where could you get that practical experience that will allow you to claim that “you’ve done this before”, rather than just read about it and passed a test online? This video is supposed to give you some extra ideas on this topic, and help you get started.