About JoinAgile

  • Dmitri Iarandine
  • 21 Feb 2019

Hello and Welcome!

JoinAgile was founded as an Initiative to uplift the professional quality of those who decided to pivot their careers towards Agility, seeking and actively applying for Agile (and Lean) roles advertised on the job market.

While progressing along my own professional development and career path, I've decided to share my findings with the like-minded people, trying to help them find their feet quicker, reaching goals and not repeating my mistakes on their journey, wherever possible.

Today JoinAgile Initiative offers you a number of publications, learning videos on our YouTube channel, and a Podcast (currently irregular due to other obligations).

Additionally I invite any aspiring Lean and Agile Practitioners to connect to me on LinkedIn, and ask any questions or seek career advice that I'll do my best to provide as quickly as I can.

Learn Agile and Lean

As a qualified Trainer and Coach, I've developed a number of training programs that are best conducted in a classroom of up to 30 people, but have been also successfully delivered via Skype to Agile Teams in remote locations.

Currently these programs provide the participants the knowledge and key skills in the following areas:

Lean-Agile Fundamentals - explaining all core concepts of Agile and Lean Thinking that help us work smarter and better in the modern day and age;

Essential SCRUM and KANBAN - teaching the participants all they need to know about Scrum Framework and Lean Kanban Method, helping them choose the Delivery Method that would work best for their organisation;

Product Ownership in Real World - practice shows that not many freshly baked Agile Practitioners properly understand what Product Owners are supposed to do in the Real World to maximise their contribution and value to the organisation. This course is designed to teach them everything they need to know to hit the ground running and start adding value from Day 1 on the job.

All three Training Programs are available as 1 and 2 day courses, where the 2 day versions include extra sections and practical exercises helping the Teams solidify and retain their learnings better.

Interested? Get in touch for an up-to-date schedule and a brochure.

Get an Agile Job - with our help

Aside from already mentioned publications, videos and a podcast that are offered to help the aspiring Lean-Agile Practitioners grow their knowledge of practical things that work in the real world, helping them get ahead of the competition in their Agile job search, there are other services JoinAgile Initiative offers to help accelerate this process.

Open Test

As the front page of this website is pointing you to check out our Skills Testing Portal, which leads people to take the "Real Test", there is also a Free service known as the Open Test.

It is designed to give you an idea of how the Real Test works, using a simpler set of only 10 static questions that will help your perspective Recruiter determine how good and up-to-date your knowledge of Lean and Agile really is.

Lean-Agile Skills Testing Portal

The centerpiece of JoinAgile Web Services is our newly launched Skills Testing Portal that is designed for non-specialist Recruiters and HR professionals who need to ensure that their Agile job candidates are as good as they say they are.

Agile job market is booming in 2019 across the World and in Australia specifically, where Recruiters receive hundreds of job applications for Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agile Coaching and other similar roles relying on Candidate's solid knowledge of the relevant concepts.

Unfortunately very few of those Recruitment professionals or Hiring Managers of the Client companies are actually equipped with the tools and knowledge that's required to filter through the job applicants efficiently, and with a reliable result.

This is where our Portal and the Real Test come in. More information and introduction video are available on the Portal pages that you are most welcome to explore.