Agile Coaching 101 Course

How to Enroll ?

The Course is available on Online Learning Platform right now, so feel free to read more info and watch Promo video below, and enroll any time.

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Course Summary

Enterprise Agile Transformations are becoming more common among large Australian companies these days. I know people say that Australia is actually “behind” the rest of the World in the trend of general Agile adoption, with US and Japan leading the charge. Regardless – there is a big Market demand for highly qualified Senior Agile professionals, specifically in Lean and Agile Coaching area of expertise.

As I’ve done the full end-to-end journey from being a Software Engineer to a full-time Agile Coach, also consulting on the side, I thought it would be fitting to put together a simple and novice-friendly Course that could explain what Agile Coaching role entails, and where one could start developing themselves professionally, should they aim to step into the role in the near future.

Promo Video

All lectures are Video “talking head” face-to-face lecture with some annotations offered on the side, similar to what you see in the Promo.


  1. Introduction (6:26)
  2. Coaching Approach – High Level (10:20)
  3. How To Set Up For Success? (9:43)
  4. Typical Coaching Journey (7:05)
  5. Coaching Toolbox – Starting Up (9:26)
  6. Coaching Toolbox – Warm-up Games (07:07)
  7. Coaching Toolbox – Progressing (15:06)
  8. Coaching Toolbox – Maturity Phase (9:47)
  9. Agile Adoption Metrics (07:16)
  10. Coaching Definition of Done (7:23)
  11. Wrap-up Talk – Final Recommendations (04:34)
  12. QUIZ – Agile Coaching Fundamentals (10 questions)