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About Program Retrospectives Facilitation

A lot of Agile practitioners are familiar with Team-level Scrum Retrospective, an event where the Team inspects its own progress over the past Sprint, acknowledges what it did well, comes up with a list of items they’d like to improve,

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About Product Owners Advanced Course

While all Agile roles are important in a well-formed Team and organisation as a whole, some of those roles remain the “make it or break it” points, especially at the start of an Agile transformation. Reluctantly calling the role of

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About Agile Essentials Course

While Agile as a body of professional knowledge has been around for a while, there is still tremendous amount of confusion surrounding this matter, especially once it comes to coordinated organisational transformation at larger scale. A lot of people become

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Program Retrospectives

Half a day facilitated workshop demonstrating best practice of a Program-level Retrospective, that could serve as Product Vision and Roadmap Realignment exercise, as well as foundation of Continuous Improvement culture between broader range of Stakeholders.More Info

Product Owners Advanced

This 1 day course dives deeper into Product Ownership, as one of the key Agile roles not exclusive to Scrum anymore. Understanding how to be a good Product Owner, what tools and methods to use when, how to interact with

Agile Essentials

Core (1 day) or Full Base (2 days) course that’s highly recommended for any IT and Business Services company that is looking into new ways of working, seeking methods to improve culture, gain productivity delivering customer value, stay competitive in

Cryptocurrency and BitCoin… What do these have to do with Agile?

Pretty much nothing, would be the short answer to the question above. Those are however very popular as content requests that I receive (about 1-3 per week, on average) for the podcast, where some listeners are asking to clarify what

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