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Cryptocurrency and BitCoin… What do these have to do with Agile?

Pretty much nothing, would be the short answer to the question above. Those are however very popular as content requests that I receive (about 1-3 per week, on average) for the podcast, where some listeners are asking to clarify what

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Podcast Episode 24 – Atlassian JIRA Review

After a long break I’m back to posting a quick summary of the latest podcast episodes, for those of you who prefer “show notes”-like summary instead of (or in addition to?) jumping straight into audio. On this 24th episode of

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Podcast Episode 16 – Cross-Functional Teams…

On this podcast episode I’m tackling the topic of cross-functionality in Delivery Teams, as well as the confusing term of T-Shaped people. The meaning of cross-functionality is rather simple – it’s when ideally everyone on the team can do anything,

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Kanban Board Examples

As discussed on the recent Podcast Episode #8, there’s no one size fits all approach to constructing Kanban boards. If you embrace the core principles of Kanban, you should start with visualizing your current process, or Flow of Value through

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