CV Review Service WIP Limit

As you might have learned a couple of weeks ago if you are subscribed to my podcast or visiting YouTube channel from time to time, I’ve launched a 100% Free Agile Resume Review Service here on my website, that’s been off to a very good start.

Unfortunately a “good start” also means high demand while my free time remained limited, having a full time job to worry about as well. So after receiving a bunch of Resumes to review, and responding to as many job seekers as I could, I realized that there’s no chance I can keep up with this demand unless I “eat my own cooking”, as they say, and introduce a Work In Progress (WIP) Limit on CV Review service – proper Lean Kanban style.

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Get Hired as Scrum Master Audio Book

After what felt like a long review from, I can finally see the 2.5 hours of my audio version of Get Hired As Scrum Master book appearing in Audible search engine.

In addition to Audible, it should be available (or appear shortly on), Hoopla, Libro.FM, Overdrive, BookMate and at a few other online audio book retailers. This is a huge milestone for me, and I’m genuinely happy to share these news with you – my occasional blog visitors and podcast listeners, who already are consuming audio content I produce.

It is interesting that research shows that our consumption of text-based eBooks is on a rapid decline now, with some numbers suggesting as much as 30% drop of eBook purchases across major online retailers including Amazon in 2017…

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Site Reconstruction & Blogging

As some of you might have noticed, the look of my site changed a few times over the past couple of weeks. And (spoiler alert!) these changes are probably not over yet…

What’s happening is that I’ve been a lot more into production of content other than direct blogging, even having a luxury of web development skills, this web domain and fully functioning WordPress installation. You’d say – “mate, you just ought to write something as a blog here now and then!” – and you know, after long deliberation I actually agree with you. I should.

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Lean and Mean Agile Podcast Launched

Hi everyone, just a quick note to anyone who would rather listen to an audio material rather than consume online courses or YouTube videos – I’m happy to announce the launch of Lean and Mean Agile Podcast (solo show with yours truly), dedicated to all the main topics surrounding Agile Values, Practices, Frameworks and Mindset itself.

I’m starting with the real basics, laying the foundation for potential newcomers into our space, and will plan to expand into more tricky areas of Program Management with Agile Delivery in mind, bringing occasional guests on the show who would be able to contribute to topics we will be discussing.

Podcast is weekly, 15-20 minute show, available on SoundCloud, Stitcher, and iTunes – just click on the widget banner on your right, and subscribe to show your support. Cheers.