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JoinAgile Initiative is here to help the Agile job seekers feel more competitive on the job market of 2021 with our books, videos, and certification. Our Agile Competency Testing Portal is also able to assist the Recruiters, providing quick assessment of their Agile job applicants as part of any job screening or interview processes.

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Please read the COVID-19 situation impact note below, in the FREE eBook section of this page.

Are you ready to face your competition when applying for Agile roles in 2021?

Our FREE eBook will provide more extensive insights into what the Agile job market is like these days, as well as offer you a self-assessment questionnaire to help you answer this question.

This quick test is here to help you quickly check how your current knowledge of the Agile frameworks, methods and practices, prior work experience and the way you prepare your job applications would compete on the job market of 2021.

Click 'Start the test' button to begin.

You'll be asked a number of questions identifying any gaps in your knowledge, or where you'd likely lose to your job market competition.

Be honest in your self-assessment, as your answers are only used to provide recommendations on how you could improve your chances of getting hired!

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Our latest eBook - "Agile Job Market: Are You Ready?" - is now available for FREE to all Agile job seekers, and the people hiring them.

COVID-19 situation note (Updated for 2021):

This book was written and published in 2020 and before COVID-19 heavilly affected the job markets all over the World, making some of the information in this eBook somewhat outdated.

The key message we tried to summarise and deliver as part of this book remains unchanged though - as an Agile job seeker of 2021 you still have to deal with the ever-increasing professional competition, and need to be properly prepared for it.

Due to the changed working situation of the author and the founder of JoinAgile Initiative, there are no current plans to release an updated version of this book. Please subscribe to JoinAgile YouTube channel as the main communication channel with our audience, other than direct LinkedIn connections.

Finished reading the free eBook and want more information?

Section below lists the rest of our publications, addressing more specific topics of career transitioning and individual Agile capability uplift. Most of those are available as eBooks and Audiobooks, to make your learning experience more convenient and enjoyable.

Other Books from JoinAgile

Reading the Scrum Guide and obtaining your basic Scrum Master certification is no longer enough to secure an Agile role in 2021, as the level of competition is rising and the market is saturated with highly qualified job applicants. You need to seek the extra knowledge and industry insights that would offer you a reasonable competitive advantage.

In addition to Agile Career Coaching services, we have a growing selection of Audiobooks, eBooks, and free YouTube videos that offer you that much needed edge a lot of the aspiring Agile professionals and job seekers simply don't have.


Want an Agile Job? This book tells you about career change into Agile Job space, with a few practical helpful pointers.


How do you become an Agile Coach? This book attempts to give you some basic understanding and a starting point.


Want to learn how to run all the key Agile Ceremonies and appear as a more educated Agile professional?


Want to become a Scrum Master but don't like reading? Here is an audiobook version for you!


Want to learn more about Agile Coaching but want to do it while you run? Here's another audiobook!


Learn about faciliating the key Agile Ceremonies with our third audiobook in the series.


Gain a high-level understanding of all the fundamental Agile and Lean Kanban concepts in this audiobook.

eBook & Audiobook

COMING SOON - Tips on how to improve your professional Resume and increase your chances of getting an interview!

YouTube Channel

Visit our YouTube Channel for more free educational videos and Agile interviews!

Career Coaching is suspended


In these severely changed market conditions with a lot of people losing their jobs and suddenly facing much higher job search competition, I've had a vastly increased number of inquiries and requests for help - ranging from people needing actual CV updates and career coaching, to simple requests to be introduced to the right recruiters and people in the industry.

As my own life and work commitments have changed in the late 2020 - early 2021 - I can no longer offer this service at the level that I'd feel would satisfy the needs of the people reaching out to me.

The bullet points and service description below are preserved for informational continuity purposes only, and for the post-COVID times when it might be restarted and offered again...

Are you new to Australia?
We'll offer you the insights into the local Agile job market, what works here and what doesn't, and might even be able to connect you with the right recruitment professionals once you're ready to face the music.

Unsure about your CV?
We'll review yours and offer comprehensive steps that will improve your chances of passing through the initial recruitment screening filter.

Don't know where to start?
Do you want to pivot your career towards Agile job market but don't know where to start even after reading our book? We'll work together to generate a clear plan that will help you achieve your end-goal.

Lacking interview confidence?
Interviewing well is a skill that needs to be developed, and could make a huge difference to the success rate of your job applications. We'll walk you through all the basic expectations, de-facto standards, typical questions, and the other elements that will help you feel more prepared.

Can it be done over Skype?
While meeting face-to-face always feels better, we can make it work over Skype too. Don't let your geographic location stop you, but keep in mind that if you are after specific job market insights, East Coast of Australia (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne) are the areas I'm most familiar with.

Career Coaching is a fancy term for series of 1:1 sessions that I'm happy to offer you to get your confidence, professional direction, job hunting motivation and work with the local recruitment professionals back on track.

Having transitioned my own career into the "Agile space" years ago the hard way and with no guidance, I've learned a lot about the struggles that professionals like you and I experience during similarly testing phases of our lives.

Since then I've been introducing organisational agility, training and mentoring people, assisting in screening, interviewing and hiring processes. Among other things this was an opportunity for me to take note of the most costly mistakes that prevented employment of some professionals, where others were more successful.

I've collaborated with the fellow Agile Coaches and recruitment professionals to develop testing programs and a professional certification, publishing books that shared some of my findings and experience.

I'm proud to have helped many Agile job seekers regain their confidence after they've been knocked back by our somewhat hostile and highly competitive job market.

JoinAgile Certification

Lean-Agile Certified Practitioner (LACP) is an independent and non-accredited certification introduced and maintained by the JoinAgile Initiative.

It gained momentum during 2019-2020 with many Agile practitioners passing our test and becoming LACP certified to prove their levels of Lean-Agile proficiency to their potential employers.

A few Australian recruitment companies have started using our Competency Testing Portal to quickly assess the levels of Lean-Agile competency of their job applicants as part of their screening processes.

LACP validates that the certified professional possesses sufficient amount of knowledge and experience in the following areas:

Practical applications of the Scrum Framework

Practical applications of Lean Kanban Method

Agile Fundamentals and Lean Thinking

Basics of Agile Operational Scaling

Hiring Agile professionals?

Our Competency Testing Portal is ready to help automate your job applicant screening process by inviting them to pass our assessment of your choosing, or simply based on the job title they've applied for.

Request an invitation

As a Recruiter or a hiring Manager you'll need to request an invitation by connecting with the founder of this service on LinkedIn.

Connect and get invited

Test your candidates

Once registered on our Portal, you'll be able to add your candidates and request relevant competency tests (Agile, Lean, Development, Management) for them.

Learn more

Hire the best people

You receive a detailed breakdown of your candidates test results, allowing you to rate them accordingly, and make more educated hiring decisions.

Learn more

Competency Testing Modules

Specializing in Lean-Agile competency testing, we have a growing range of Testing Modules that reach into the most popular Software Development and other areas of knowledge.

Essential Scrum Master

Testing candidates applying for Scrum Master roles for basic understanding of real-life Scrum implementations

Scrum Master Advanced

For Senior Scrum Master applicants, checking their ability to navigate complex and tricky hybrid environments

Lean Kanban Basics

For testing of Lean and DevOps practitioners who need to rely on Kanban knowledge rather than basic Scrum

Agile Fundamentals

Testing the job applicants who require basic understanding of Agile values, principles, and practices

Agile Business Analyst

For Agile BA and Product Owners, testing their knowledge of Backlog refinement, User Stories and related practices

Java Developer

Testing candidates knowledge of core Java SE development platform. Can be mixed in with Agile modules for more all-rounded test.

JS React & Redux

Testing candidates knowledge of the popular JavaScript React framework with Flux and Redux components.


Lean-Agile Certified Practitioner Test for individual applicants, first attempt can be requested 100% free.

How are our services different?

Lean-Agile Expertise

Founded by a senior Lean-Agile practitioner, coach, trainer and published author

Really easy to use

We built our Portal and Testing System to be simple and intuitive for a non-specialist Recruiter.

Curated & Revised

Our complex tests get revised by the senior community professionals to be kept up-to-date

Test Modules

Focused on testing for the mainstream Agile roles, we are growing our list of Software Development knowledge test modules

Custom Features

Aside from core candidate management and testing features, we offer Portal white-labelling and other custom functionality

Agile Community

Staying relevant to and validated by the real Lean-Agile professionals is what our initiative is all about!

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