About the podcast

This is the official home and list of all episodes for Lean and Mean Agile Podcast, that is going strong and is now available on iTunes, Stitcher and SoundCloud for your listening pleasure.

Why “Lean and Mean“?

Well, I thought calling it just “Lean Agile Podcast” would be too main-steam and boring, and I don’t really want to think that it describes me at all! 😉

I’m aiming to have an episode for you every week, with rare exceptions to this rule due to my travels for work and leisure, when you’ll have to wait for a fortnight – but I promise those occasions will be kept to a minimum.

I welcome your feedback and questions you might want answered on the show, just email me at – podcast@joinagile.com – and I’ll see if and how to work your question into one of the episodes.

Episode list

I’d appreciate your support even if it’s just expressed by subscribing to the podcast on iTunes, but won’t stop you from listening and downloading episodes directly from the list below, as long as you enjoy the material – that’s the most important part! 🙂

  1. Episode 01 – Setting the Scene
  2. Episode 02 – What is Agile
  3. Episode 03 – What is Lean
  4. Episode 04 – Scrum Introduction
  5. Episode 05 – Scrum Events
  6. Episode 06 – Intro to Kanban
  7. Episode 07 – Kanban Principles and Practices
  8. Episode 08 – Kanban Practices Continued
  9. Episode 09 – Kanban Feedback Loops
  10. Episode 10 – Product Owner Role Intro
  11. Episode 11 – Qualities of a good Product Owner
  12. Episode 12 – Good User Stories
  13. Episode 13 – Methods of Estimation in Agile
  14. Episode 14 – Prioritisation Methods in Agile
  15. Episode 15 – Interview with a Product Owner

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P.S. It is also important to understand that this page gets updated manually, from time to time (I’m trying my best to keep up), so in other words – sometimes the list of episodes above is out of date, while the actual RSS feeds of the podcast have been updated 2 weeks ago with a couple of new episodes…

This, if nothing else, should be extra motivation for you to subscribe on iTunes or SoundCloud (I’m personally not a huge fan of Stitcher and find it lagging with feed updates, so won’t recommend it – but it’s up to you if you want to use it).