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  1. WHAT IS JoinAgile Competency Testing Portal?
  2. HOW MUCH does this service cost?
  3. HOW RELIABLE are JoinAgile Tests?
  4. WHY DO I have to request an Invitation?
  5. Have a question of your own?

Frequently Asked Questions

JoinAgile Competency Testing Service > Updated January 2022

JoinAgile Competency Testing Portal is the main Service offered by its author and the founder of JoinAgile Initiative on this website. You might see us sometimes refer to it simply as the "Service", or "Portal".

This Service was designed to help the professional recruiters and company HR staff find the highest qualified and most suitable Agile talent when headhunting for Agile roles, such as the Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Agile Business Analysts, Product Owners, Agile Project Managers and Software Developers for Agile Teams.

Agile Project Management, Agile Product Ownership, Agile Coaching, Business Transformations, Management 3.0 are examples of some of the complex matters that a non-specialist Recruiter or an HR professional would not be equipped to navigate through quickly and confidently enough to short-list the best job candidates, and not waste anyone's time in the process!

Many hiring companies we've interviewed in the process of designing this Service admitted being frustrated with the massive loss of time and money when it comes to recruiting Agile and Business Transformation professionals that were short-listed for them by the recruitment agencies they've worked with in the past.

Most typical example would be when a company looks for an educated and experienced Agile Coach, but then has to sort through the Resumes and sometimes even go through the first round of panel interviews with junior Agile practitioners who have barely completed their baseline Scrum Master certification...

This ultimately results in a major waste of everyone's time and money. It also often reflects on how the hiring company perceives professional level of the Recruitment Agency they are dealing with - if they keep sourcing candidates that clearly go through their initial filter, but are all being discarded by the Client. This doesn't help build a good business relationship, to say the least.

JoinAgile Competency Testing Portal was created to address this exact problem: providing a lot more accurate, self-service assessment of many skills and elements of your job candidate's professional experience, on demand, any time you need it.

How much does this service cost?

Please note that as of January 2022, we are no longer supporting individual Candidate registrations or attempts at passing our LACP exam. This change is driven by many factors, most important of which is the need to re-evaluate our testing criteria to incorporate the latest learnings from how the Post-Pandemic Enterprises operate and seek to adopt Agile methods and practices.

Plans for the recruitment agencies and hiring companies:

We welcome you to try this Service for FREE for 30 days. You will be able to create a limited number of Candidate records and issue a limited number of Competency Test requests during this Trial period.

Once your 30 Days Free trial expires, access to your account will be suspended, until you establish an ongoing subscription, or make a different arrangement with the founder of this Service.

If you like what you see past your Free 30 Days Trial, please reach out using the links below and let's discuss what pricing model would suit your needs, such as volume of tests and number of candidates you expect to evaluate per month, going forward.

How reliable are JoinAgile Tests?

To start with, no exam or test taken online should be seen as a 100% reliable one-stop-shop source of truth when it comes to determining qualifications or suitability of any professional for any role.

Testing Systems like ours exist to inform your decisions and make them a lot more educated, especially when it comes to the complex and often unfamiliar depths of Lean-Agile and Business Transformation knowledge that is definitely more niche than many more mainstream roles and qualifications - such as technical competency in a certain programming language (that would be a lot easier to test for).

We test and report to you on the depth and breadth of your staff member's or job candidate's Lean-Agile knowledge and practical Skills (primarily tested by the ability of your Candidates to recognize common and familiar situations presented to them during our Test).

Our tests were developed and fine-tuned over a long time, going through several iterations of internal and focused-group testing, involving the recruitment professionals from Australia, many fellow Agile Coaches, Agile Project and Delivery Managers, Trainers.

This hand-crafted testing platform is built with the basic functionality and accessibility in mind, but we are constantly improving it, to keep it relevant for the modern job market and professional demand.

This is one of the main reasons why we've suspended JoinAgile LACP Certification in the early 2022, to first ensure that our test evolves with the times we live in, staying relevant and up to date, before offering it to the interested Agile practitioners yet again.

WHY do I have to request an Invitation?

Collaborating and partnering with recruitment agencies and the companies employing their staff directly, requires a level of personal touch and connection that helps us track things properly on our side.

Currently we simply use the LinkedIn platform for an official introduction, helping us make sure that we are inviting a representative of a company that has real interest in JoinAgile Services as they are intended to be in 2022, rather than satisfying interests of curious individual Agile practitioners who have no business-serving agenda in mind.

This FAQ is a Work In Progress!

Have questions of your own that you believe haven't been covered above? Please don't hesitate to contact us and ask your question, and we'll consider adding the Q&A pair to this evolving document.


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