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Our Competency Testing System helps professional recruiters and the hiring companies streamline the process of shortlisting the most qualified candidates for the most in-demand Agile Project Delivery and Product Management roles in 2022.

Established by the JoinAgile Initiative in 2018, this self-service Portal offers the most practical professional competency tests based on the knowledge of real-life scenarios, rather than textbook theory and purely academic studies.

If you are hiring or looking to develop your internal staff in professional competencies relevant to any of the roles listed below, this Testing System was built to suit your needs!

  • Agile Product Owner
  • Agile Business Analyst
  • Scrum Master
  • Agile Coach
  • Agile Developer
  • and a few related ones...

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Latest News

Service Update > February 2022

JoinAgile Initiative is ramping up for the new season of its existence, modifying and expanding the Service this Competency Testing Self-Service Portal offered our members over the past few years since its soft launch in 2018.

Download the "Service on a Page" PDF summarising key benefits of JoinAgile Service to your organisation by clicking the image below:

JoinAgile Portal - Service on a page

The following key Service changes are scheduled for early 2022:

  • Individual Candidate registrations and LACP Certification self-service have been suspended until further notice. To register on this Portal in 2022 you need to represent a recruitment agency or a company that is looking to hire or professionally develop their Agile specialists internally.
  • LACP Certifications obtained through JoinAgile Service before Jan 2022 remain valid, but will indicate the Pre-Pandemic acquisition when validated through our Service interface. LACP Certification service is currently suspended to incorporate a number of necessary changes, reflecting the new learnings and insights from the current Post-Pandemic World we live and work in.
  • JoinAgile Competency Testing Service will expand its features to support not just the needs of the professional recruiters, who deal with the new Agile job applicants, but also the Professional Development angle that would be more useful for any companies adoping Agile Methodologies, to ensure that their staff stays engaged, constantly learning and evolving their skills.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or simply would like to remain in the loop of the latest news and developments surrounding JoinAgile Initiative and this Competency Testing Service, the best way to do it is to connect with the founder of the service on LinkedIn.


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