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Agile Business Analysts Tested from this June!

New Developer Testing Modules Coming this May!

We help find the best Agile people

We help smarter recruiters find the best Agile people!

How good are the Agile professionals you hire?

Screening job applicants has always been a tricky task, and the complex domain of Lean-Agile knowledge usually increases these required efforts ten-fold.

Our service helps recruiters quickly test professional competency levels of their job applicants, offering comprehensive test result summaries, comparison tools and an email report that helps make their hiring decisions more educated.

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Want to get hired? Rise above the competition!

Register for free on our Portal as an independent Candidate, request a Test of your Lean-Agile skills and knowledge, and get certified by JoinAgile Training Initiative.

Our tests are hard, relevant, and are designed to truly tell the active and valuable Lean-Agile Practitioners apart from those who got their PSM, CSM and the other "default" Agile certifications ages ago...

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