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Individual Registrations Closed

Dear fellow Agile Practitioners,

While this system supported registrations of the "Individual Candidates" in the years preceding 2022, offering our Members an ability to obtain our non-accredited LACP certification badge, we are suspending this part of JoinAgile Service until further notice.

The reasons for this move are numerous, including greatly changed job market conditions and new demands that we need to keep up with as JoinAgile Initiative.

We believe that our efforts would be currently better spent in updating, polishing and further developing this service to support a more competent professional recruitment drive of 2022, and the needs of the companies that want to work on professional uplift of the Agile skills and capabilities of their staff.

If you have any comments or feedback regarding this matter, or simply would like to not miss any future announcements from JoinAgile Initiative, please reach out and connect with the founder of this Service on LinkedIn.

If you are representing a recruitment agency or a company hiring Agile specialists directly, you can proceed with your registration using this different form instead.

What is LACP?

LACP certification service and individual Agile practitioner registrations are suspended until further notice, but you can still read up on what our Lean-Agile Certified Practitioner (LACP) certification was created to offer our Community below.

Become LACP Certified

How does LACP work?

In addition to offering this Service to recruitment companies and HR professionals, we've recently opened registrations to the independent Candidates like you. This video gives you a high-level overview:

Step 1 - Register for FREE

As an independent Candidate seeking to prove their worth to the potential employers, you are welcome to register for free. Make sure you validate your Email address, as it is required to gain access to this Service.

Express your interest to get an invitation!

Step 2 - Receive one FREE test attempt

As a welcoming gift, we give you one attempt at passing Lean-Agile Certified Practitioner (LACP) Test for FREE as well!

If you choose to re-try the Test to receive JoinAgile Certification, you can pay for additional attempts as you would for any other certification.

Get one free attempt at passing LACP exam!

Step 3 - Share with the employers!

Ultimate goal of any certification is to prove your professional value to the employers. While LACP is a Non-Accredited Certification at the moment, it was created by the community of respected Lean-Agile and Technical professionals, serving as the only relevant proof that you know your trade really well and could be hired with lower risk and higher success factor than those who don't have it.

Recruiter is now more educated about Agile and Lean skills of their job Candidate!

Now suspended, might return later...

LACP certification service is suspended in early 2022, while we pivot the core services offered by JoinAgile Initiative to the broader professional Agile community. Our FAQ below will tell you more.

Detailed FAQ


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