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How does this Service work?

JoinAgile Competency Testing Portal is a self-service system built to help the professional recruiters and companies looking to hire the most qualified Agile talent, or to uplift the Agile Project Delivery and Product Management capabilities of their existing staff.

"Service on a Page" PDF infographic is available for download by clicking the image below:

JoinAgile Portal - Service on a page

This Service specialises in testing your Candidate's knowledge and experience of Lean-Agile professional areas and associated practices, but we also have a growing range of more technical capability tests, such as Java, .NET, DevOps, and more.

Step 1 - Get invited

You will need to request an invitation code from the founder of JoinAgile Initiative in order to register as a new User of this Portal.

This is done to maintain a human interaction element to the rollout of this System, and to ensure that all of our new Members actually represent companies with recruitment or professional capability uplift angle in mind - not just the curious Agile enthusiasts and passers-by.

Express your interest to get an invitation!

Step 2 - Who do you want to test?

Once registered, you'll be able to securely add the "Candidates" who you'd like to request any of our professional capability tests for.

Our tests vary from classic Agile Scrum Master knowledge, to more complex and real-life scenario-driven Agile Coaching and Product Ownership competency assessments, and other more technical professional disciplines.

We invite your job candidate to pass our Test...

Step 3 - We ask the right questions!

We invite your Candidates to pass the test you've requested for them!

All of our tests are designed to check the current levels of your Candidate's knowledge - both theoretical and practical - with the aim being to let you know exactly what level is this individual currently at, what knowledge or experience they might be missing, and how they could improve their capabilities going forward.

We ask them questions of varying complexity...

Step 4 - Review the results

We'll show your Candidates a brief summary of their results, update your Portal Dashboard, and email our full report to you. These reports provide detailed explanations of the marks we awarded, in relation to tested knowledge and skill areas.

We send the Test results to the Recruiter

Step 5 - Make more educated decisions!

Armed with our test results breakdown, you'll be able to make educated decisions on candidates' suitability for the roles in your organisation, or the company you're hiring for as a professional recruiter.

JoinAgile Competency Testing is not just telling you if a certain Candidate is skilled enough to progress through to the next stage of your recruitment process, but also how they could improve their knowledge and performance in a certain role they've been tested for.

Recruiter is now more educated about Agile and Lean skills of their job Candidate!

Ready to give it a go?

Check out our detailed FAQ page , or get in touch to request your invitation code and proceed with your registration.

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