Let's face it - finding good Lean and Agile professionals for recruitment purposes is hard. This is where our Recruiters Portal and Online Test come in.

Recruitment Assistance

Our Online Testing and Certification system that you'd have a chance to discover by now is not only for individual Lean-Agile Practitioners who are trying to prove their worth to their potential employers.

As an extension to the System, we are close to releasing a Recruiters Portal of sorts, that would allow you to register, add as many Agile Job Candidates as you want, and request a custom Lean-Agile Skills Test to be done with them.

How will it work?

While details of how the Portal will operate are being worked out still, as the System is going through the next phase of Closed Beta Testing, in essence it's designed to be very helpful and rather simple:

  1. 1. You register as a Professional Recruiter or Hiring Company
  2. 2. You enter details of one or more Agile Job Candidates
  3. 3. You select what modules of Lean-Agile you want them to be tested in
  4. 4. We send them a unique link to access the Test
  5. 5. Once they've completed it, you get a report clearly telling you about their strengths and weaknesses, as well as overall rating.
  6. 6. They get a free certification from us if they score above a certain mark that we determine worthy of a public recognition.
  7. 7. During Beta Test this Service is intended to be FREE to use

Watch this space for further announcements, or get in touch now and express your interest early!