Finding good Lean and Agile professionals for recruitment purposes is hard. This is where our Recruiters Portal and our Skills Test come in.

Recruitment Portal

Our self-service Portal for HR and Recruitment Professionals is open for business, and you can request an invitation any time by contacting the Founder of this Initiative on LinkedIn, or by submitting the contact form on our homepage.

The linked promo banner below will take you to the Portal space where you can find further information about the Service, and how it's intended to help your business.

Introduction Video

The short introductory video embedded below will tell you about our vision behind LACP Non-Accredited Certification, which serves as an achievement for any true Lean-Agile Practitioner who reaches our internal pass-mark when completing the Test.

While making our Test smart enough to recognize partially correct responses, rather than be a yes/no type of questionnaire, it was built to be hard, serving as a truly indicative award to those who've earned it.

Currently participation in the Skills Test (resulting in the potential award of our JoinAgile LACP Certificate) is by invitation only. Reach out to the Founder of the Initiative on LinkedIn, or by using the contact form on our homepage for further information.