Our new Skills and Knowledge Test for Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Agile Project Managers and the other Lean-Agile Practitioners is the toughest and most relevant Test for the modern Agile Job Market.

In a few words...

Our Lean-Agile Skills and Knowledge Test is designed to help you distinguish yourself as a job seeker from the crowd of competing CSM and PSM-certified people. It allows you to prove that you've been tested to possess the knowledge and real-life experience that one needs to be truly useful as a new hire for a serious Agile role.

Our Test also allows Professional Recruiters get a more educated picture of job seeker's capabilities, beyond the claims made on their professional Resume...

We also made an Open Test available freely, to give anyone a pretty good idea of what to expect during a Real Test. Needless to say, the Open Test is much easier than the Real Test, and contains only 10 static and reasonably simple questions.

Take the Open Test!

Sections below provide more detail on what you might want to know about the context, set up and passing the Test.

Further Information

There are many Agile certifications available to the Lean-Agile practitioners these days. Some are better known than others, and became de-facto standards for job candidate Resumes applying for "Agile roles".

Most common examples of those are Scrum Alliance's CSM and Scrum.org's PSM certifications. There are other related ones, such as Product Owner's PSPO or Scaled Agile Framework's SA...

Being very closely involved in delivering Lean-Agile training, interacting with other Agile Coaches, and participating in recruitment of new and aspiring Lean-Agile people, there are a few issues with those more traditional Agile certifications that are becoming more obvious to our professional circles, as the time goes by:

  • - Those well known certifications mostly cover Scrum Framework theory;
  • - Most online Agile exams are quite basic and easy to pass, once you've read Scrum Guide;
  • - More hiring companies start to realize that e.g. PSM and CSM do not offer a reliable quality benchmark.

It is clear that once respectable existing certifications are just not hitting the required mark anymore, and there is room for a new one, that would aim to address the key issues listed above, plus more.

How is our Test different?

In short - our Online Test of your Lean-Agile Skills and Knowledge is much tougher and more "real" than anything else you've experienced in our professional area so far.

Passing our Exam would mean that the job applicant with our Certification:

  • 1. Likely "knows their stuff", showing real-life Lean-Agile experience;
  • 2. Is ahead of the crowd that didn't bother developing beyond those classic PSM and CSM achievements;
  • 3. Is unlikely to be wasting Recruiter's and hiring company's time;
  • 4. Has more practical Lean-Agile knowledge than just classic Scrum Framework;
  • 5. Is not easily confused by complex real-life scenarios they had to navigate as part of our Test;
  • 6. Is able to handle time-pressure quite well, as our Test is deliberately timed very conservatively.

This examination process and offered Certification are "Non-Accredited", which means that we didn't jump through all the necessary official National and International hoops to put that label here yet.

Why? Because it's secondary to our main Goal.

Instead, we focused on involving real Lean-Agile Practitioners who we know, with proven track record, who are known in Lean-Agile professional circles, into testing our examination system. These people helped us get variety of external educated opinions about complexity of the questions we want to ask the participants of the Exam, and various other matters related to this examination and Certification.

To us this public endorsement means a lot more than some paper-based governmental standard, which is likely to be outdated by the time ours and future evolving online Lean-Agile Testing and Education programs would emerge. We are Agile professionals after all - we value collaboration and working with our people more than Contract Negotiation and Following a Plan, that those official bodies essentially represent.

So, put simply, we welcome and rely on the authority of a broad international Community of Lean-Agile professionals. Yes, it could even include you!

Endorsement System - In the works

As described above, we welcome comments, feedback and endorsements from Lean-Agile professionals with proven record of sufficient work in our field, giving them some authority to pass judgment on what we are trying to achieve here.

Our Online Examination System is supported by feedback submission mechanism that is available upon completion of your Exam.

Open Test - Try if yourself!

In order to give you a flavor of the real online examination process, we've created an Open Test version of the real examination.

The rules and technical process of the Open Test are identical to the Real Exam, but there are only 10 questions that are among the easiest ones from the whole lot. This Test is not here to properly evaluate your Lean-Agile professional ability, but to give you an idea and flavor of how the Real Exam would be conducted, and what kind of results you could expect at the end of it.

Take the Open Test!

Any of your constructive feedback, suggestions and requests are always welcome at JoinAgile, so please don't hesitate to contact us.