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About Program Retrospectives Facilitation

A lot of Agile practitioners are familiar with Team-level Scrum Retrospective, an event where the Team inspects its own progress over the past Sprint, acknowledges what it did well, comes up with a list of items they’d like to improve,

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About Product Owners Advanced Course

While all Agile roles are important in a well-formed Team and organisation as a whole, some of those roles remain the “make it or break it” points, especially at the start of an Agile transformation. Reluctantly calling the role of

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About Agile Essentials Course

While Agile as a body of professional knowledge has been around for a while, there is still tremendous amount of confusion surrounding this matter, especially once it comes to coordinated organisational transformation at larger scale. A lot of people become

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Podcast Episode 24 – Atlassian JIRA Review

After a long break I’m back to posting a quick summary of the latest podcast episodes, for those of you who prefer “show notes”-like summary instead of (or in addition to?) jumping straight into audio. On this 24th episode of

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Podcast Episode 16 – Cross-Functional Teams…

On this podcast episode I’m tackling the topic of cross-functionality in Delivery Teams, as well as the confusing term of T-Shaped people. The meaning of cross-functionality is rather simple – it’s when ideally everyone on the team can do anything,

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Agile Resume Preparation Tips

Applying for an Agile Delivery role such as Scrum Master? I’ll give you some basic tips on how to prepare your Resume (or “CV”) for easier digestion by the Recruiters or Human Resources of the hiring company, so that you

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How to get work experience?

Having some sort of work experience in the relevant area is crucial to success when applying for any of the present day Agile Project Management or Delivery roles. Situations where someone would give you e.g. a Scrum Master role just

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Agile Hybrid Roles, explained

What are “Hybrid” roles you ask? It’s those where recruiters or the companies offering actual jobs try and combine responsibilities of multiple Agile Delivery roles into one position, creating those – sometimes rather weird and unproductive – hybrids. It’s roles

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Agile Certifications, explained

Getting certified as a Scrum Master or a Product Owner shows some commitment to the cause of becoming better at Agile practices and methods, as well as demonstrating some of that knowledge to your perspective employer or external Recruiter who

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