Get Hired as Scrum Master Audio Book

After what felt like a long review from, I can finally see the 2.5 hours of my audio version of Get Hired As Scrum Master book appearing in Audible search engine.

In addition to Audible, it should be available (or appear shortly on), Hoopla, Libro.FM, Overdrive, BookMate and at a few other online audio book retailers. This is a huge milestone for me, and I’m genuinely happy to share these news with you – my occasional blog visitors and podcast listeners, who already are consuming audio content I produce.

It is interesting that research shows that our consumption of text-based eBooks is on a rapid decline now, with some numbers suggesting as much as 30% drop of eBook purchases across major online retailers including Amazon in 2017…

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Agile Certifications, explained

Getting certified as a Scrum Master or a Product Owner shows some commitment to the cause of becoming better at Agile practices and methods, as well as demonstrating some of that knowledge to your perspective employer or external Recruiter who is screening you among other candidates for the interview. So while certifications certainly serve their purpose and help you at least “not look worse” than the next job applicant, some of them are ridiculously overpriced while not reflecting any particular edge of yours over someone who took a different exam, that was much cheaper, and made them go through a much harder online test.

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