Regardless of how deep you want to go in Lean-Agile body of knowledge, you always have to start with learning Fundamentals. Everyone - your Teams and Leadership.

Lean-Agile Fundamentals Course

Agile Essentials or Fundamentals Course

While Agile as a body of professional knowledge has been around for a while, there is still tremendous amount of confusion surrounding this matter, especially once it comes to coordinated organisational transformation at larger scale.

A lot of people become affected by the change of their job title and responsibilities, usually guided by local Agile champions and sometimes external consultants that are usually invited to assist with this sometimes lengthy transition.

What became a good practice however is to involve external entities to conduct Agile training for all of the impacted Delivery Teams and Business Stakeholders, to make sure that everyone learns the same language and "game rules", before the rubber actually hits the road.

While "learning by doing" has been a default method for a lot of us, it's not really efficient at larger scale, often leads to additional confusion and strain of your Delivery resources, such as Scrum Masters, who should be really focusing on other things. This especially shows when some cross-team communication is required - or is known to be already lacking.

This is where people like us come in.

Course Content

While there are two versions of this training program available (1 day Essentials, and 2 days Fundamentals), We offer only 1 Day Essentials option as of June 2018 due to other professional commitments and it being more difficult to free up 2 days to run the training. Information about 2 Day course content is available below, but you won't be able to request it until further notice.

1 Day - Agile Essentials, Core Topics

As the name suggests, this course focuses on the real essentials - things you need to know as an Agile newbie not to sink into the muddy waters, or feel lost straight away.

It includes the following topics:

  • Agile 101
  • Agile Roles
  • Intro to Scrum
  • Intro to Kanban
  • Backlog and User Stories
  • Basics of Estimation, Prioritization, Reporting

The course material is supplemented by plenty of practical exercises that do not get you tired, but get you off your feet and doing stuff along the way as the day progresses.

This is really a "kick-starter" package for your Agile teams. Further investment into training is highly recommended beyond this Course.

2 Days - Agile Fundamentals, Everything

As mentioned above, this version of Agile Fundamentals course is currently not available, but included here for the purposes of producing a complete picture, and remain open to general inquiries.

Taking advantage of the extra time that's healthy for digestion of the given information, this "Full Base" version of the Essentials course is given at a better pace, usually resulting in higher retention of the learned content.

This Course includes everything from the 1 day Essentials (see above) with a healthier and less rushed pace, plus the following:

  • Agile Change
  • Additional exercises
  • Extra examples of work decomposition
  • Extra estimation method shown
  • Extra prioritization method shown
  • Building High-Performing Teams, Management 3.0 Essentials

Pricing and Logistics

We mostly train teams in Sydney, but will consider other locations in Australia, pending discussion with the Requestor.

Base conditions of the course are 10-30 participants, venue organised by the Requestor, with some additional requirements that are discussed once you've contacted us.

Pricing is competitive with similar services offered by the other freelance Lean-Agile training providers and agencies in Australia, and available along with other details upon request.

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