Agile Product Owners can make or break the delivery of any Customer Value in a Lean-Agile environment, depending on how well they understand their role and skills required. We help you learn about both.

Agile Product Owners Course

Agile Essentials or Fundamentals Course

While all Agile roles are important in a well-formed Team and organisation as a whole, some of those roles remain the "make it or break it" points, especially at the start of an Agile transformation.

Reluctantly calling the role of a Product Owner more important than others - to keep this introduction and context easier to digest - I base this statement on my own experience as a Delivery and Coaching professional with over 10 years of experience within corporate environments.

Not having a Product Owner who is available to the Team(s) and who knows how to do their job well is arguably the biggest spanner in the works that you could encounter, and witness your Product development fail miserably, or produce unpredictable results - if you just let it all rest on capable shoulders of the Technical people, Engineers and Developers.

This Course is considered to be "Advanced" among our Training Services.

Participation Requirements

Participants are assumed to have have completed Agile Fundamentals Course from us, or another qualified Training authority.

Please note that having a PSM or CSM Certification means not much in this case, due to their focus on Scrum Master duties, online examination shortfalls, and other limitations we won't delve into discussing here.

PSPO Certification from focuses on Scrum implementation of a Product Owner role, repeats a lot of questions from PSM examination (yes I've done both), and is also covering only a subset of what I'm aiming to teach in this course. It's certainly "closer to home", but I'd still recommend this course even if you're a PSPO. You will likely learn something new.

Course Content

This one day course aims cover all the main points relevant to performing the role of a Product Owner well, and not just in the more classic and commonly known context of Scrum Framework, as it's described in Scrum Guide. We go well beyond that point!

The Course covers:

  • Role Definition & Key Relationships
  • Summary of Good and Bad Product Owner behaviors
  • Roles most suited to transition into Product Owner's shoes
  • How to improve as a Product Owner
  • Product Owner Game - activity
  • Product Backlog - Closer look
  • Agile Personas and User Journey Mapping
  • Creating a Product Vision
  • Work Decomposition for Backlog
  • User Stories - Writing, Estimation, Prioritization.

Pricing and Logistics

We mostly train teams in Sydney, but will consider other locations in Australia, pending discussion with the Requestor.

Base conditions of the course are 10-30 participants, venue organised by the Requestor, with some additional requirements that are discussed once you've contacted us.

Pricing is competitive with similar services offered by the other freelance Lean-Agile training providers and agencies in Australia, and available along with other details upon request.

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