We offer training services for Lean-Agile practitioners, supported by our Online Test to help you get ahead of the crowd in the current highly competitive Agile Job Market.

Our Training Programs

JoinAgile Training initiative is offering a number of Lean-Agile training programs for individuals and Teams, primarily aimed at building solid foundation of base Lean-Agile knowledge, key methods, principles, and the mindset.

While there are other sources of specialized Agile training - such as Scrum Master or Product Owner materials and certifications - we see the real value in giving people broader range of missing Lean-Agile Fundamentals, and helping them understand how they better fit into this rapidly evolving picture or competitive job market.

The value of having solid Fundamentals before trying to introduce or improve further specialized knowledge can not be understated.

Classroom Training

Subject to understanding specific needs of your organisation and adjustment of training format and logistical arrangements, we offer the following main classroom training options:

Online Training

While we offer books and free educational videos on YouTube, there is a lot of work happening to produce cohesive online training experiences that would be close to working with a real trainer in a classroom, but with all the conveniences of your home base.

At the moment we have no further information to share on the extent of those training courses, but as initial stage those would be very likely to be published on Udemy.com.

Please stay tuned and consider subscribing to our YouTube Channel as the most prominent social media venue where further announcements will be made.


Pricing depends on the training option you are after, and is kept competitive with similar services offered by the other freelance Lean-Agile training providers and agencies in Australia. Contact us with details of what you are after, and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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Recommended Self-Education

There are plenty of other sources of information on Lean-Agile methods, principles, frameworks, that you could access provided you have some motivation and desire to learn.

The following links would hopefully give you some options and ideas to explore, while preparing for LACP exam and certification, and waiting for further training courses from JoinAgile to be published online!