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  1. What is JoinAgile Competency Testing Portal?
  2. How much does this service cost?
  3. How reliable is this Test?
  4. Is there an explanation Video?
  5. What does Non-Accredited Certification mean?
  6. WHY do I have to request an Invitation?
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What is JoinAgile Competency Testing Portal?

This Service is designed for Professional Recruiters and Hiring Companies who want to ensure that their shortlisted candidates for Agile and Lean roles are as good as their Clients or Business requires. This especially applies to Senior Agile positions, which are much harder to fill with verifiably competent candidates.

By Senior Agile People for Recruiters, with Love! :)Agile Project Management, Agile Coaching, Enterprise Transformations, Management 3.0, and Sustainable Development are complex matters that a non-specialist Recruiter or HR person would not be equipped to navigate through quickly enough to short-list the right job candidates without external assistance.

A lot of hiring companies admit being frustrated with low(er) quality candidates that are sent to them by the external Recruitment Agencies. Even having some higher skilled Agile personnel of their own, not much can be seen or gauged from reviewing forwarded Professional Resumes. A lot of candidates slip through to the Interview process - or even get hired! - just to then later reveal a much lower level of Lean and Agile knowledge and practical skills than the job requires.

This ultimately results in a major waste of everyone's time and money. It also often reflects on how the hiring company perceives professional level of the Recruitment Agency they are dealing with - if they keep sourcing candidates that clearly go through their initial filter, but are all being discarded by the Client. This doesn't help build a good Business Relationship...

Our System is created to address this exact problem - much more accurate and deeper Lean-Agile skills assessment, prepared by the people with years of experience in Agile Transformation, Management, Training and Coaching capacity.

How much does this service cost?

Plans for Independent Candidates:

Independent Candidate is a term used to describe any individual willing to test their Lean-Agile skills and knowledge as an attempt to pass our Lean-Agile Practitioner Test. If they reach our pass-mark, they'll be awarded JoinAgile LACP certification.

If you are an Independent Candidate, our Service is 100% FREE to register and remain a member of JoinAgile community indefinitely, as long as you comply with our Terms of Service.

One FREE attempt to pass JoinAgile LACP Certification is included with each individual registration.

Please note that it is strictly against our Terms of Service to create multiple Independent Candidate accounts to get more that one complimentary attempt at passing LACP test. We have measures in place against such activity, and have already disabled many duplicate accounts, revoking any certifications obtained in such manner - where people tried to bypass our guidelines and security.

Pricing of the additional LACP Test Attempts:

In the times of Global Pandemic, we understand the growing needs of Independent Candidates to validate their professional worth and potentially increase their chances of getting hired.

This is why we've temporarily reduced the cost of any additional LACP test attempts by 50%, down to $15 USD. These additional attempts can be purchased (or "topped up") as a one-time secure PayPal transaction at any time.

Plans for Professional Recruiters:

We welcome you to try this Service for FREE for 30 days. You will be able to create a limited number of Candidate records and Competency Test requests during this Trial period.

Once your 30 Days Free trial expires, access to your account will be suspended, until you establish an ongoing subscription, or make a different arrangement with the founder of this Service.

If you like what you see past your Free 30 Days Trial, please reach out using the links below and let's discuss what pricing model would suit your needs, such as volume of tests and number of candidates you expect to evaluate per month, going forward.

If you feel like the limitations of the offered Free Trial are too strict for you to properly evaluate this Service, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the founder on LinkedIn, or email us directly, and we can discuss your specific needs further.

How reliable is this Test?

No exam or Online Test should be taken as a 100% reliable source of truth and advice on whether to hire someone or not.

We built this Testing System however to gauge what your recruitment eye usually can not.

It is one of the best Agile Skills Tests around, but you still should cross-check your observations of the Candidate.The depth and breadth of Candidate's Agile and Lean Knowledge and practical Skills (primarily tested by the ability of your Candidates to recognize common and familiar situations presented to them during our Test), which is very hard or virtually impossible to estimate if you are not a Senior Agile specialist with years of experience, donating substantial amount of their time to filter through the influx of freshly received professional Resumes...

Our Test was developed and fine-tuned over a long time, going through iterations of internal testing, involving Recruitment professionals from Australia, and fellow Agile Coaches, Agile Project and Delivery Managers, Trainers.

We believe that this is one of the hardest, most complex and relevant Tests of Lean and Agile knowledge on the market, created by the real people who spent many years in this industry, have been sitting on the Agile Interview Panels, and who know what questions to ask their job candidates.

This hand-crafted testing platform is built with the basic functionality and accessibility in mind, but we are constantly improving it, to keep it relevant to the modern job market and demand. We are always open to feedback from our registered Users, as our primary goal is to help them make more educated hiring decisions in regards to new Lean-Agile Job Candidates and Applicants.

Is there an explanation Video?

This video is available on our Registration page, but if you haven't watched it already - now might be a good time! It should tell you most of what you need to know about this Competency Testing Service.

What does Non-Accredited Certification mean?

JoinAgile Initiative - also previously mentioned under a business name of "JoinAgile Training" that is no longer in use - is not accredited as an official certification authority in Australia or other countries.

The value of our certification is exclusively in recognition of the creator(s) professional achievements and name in the industry, also being supported by the community of senior Agile professionals - Coaches, Trainers, Technologists - verifiable by their respective LinkedIn profiles and credentials visible to the public.

Our focus is to provide value by creating the most relevant and reasonably hard competency tests available on demand, and offer them as validation of your professional worth compared to those who haven't passed those.

A competent professional who made an effort to use an external and independent qualification testing Service like ours is always more valuable in the eyes of the hiring company than someone complacent, with the updated accreditations and certifications that they've never bothered to keep up to date...

More and more recruiters and hiring companies realise that the value of an up-to-date professional confirmation of your skills and knowledge is a lot higher than an outdated piece of paper you've received 5-10 years ago as a default result of attending some training course the contents of which you can barely remember anymore...

WHY do I have to request an Invitation?

Dear Recruiters,

In your case, the explanation is more straightforward than for our Independent Candidates.

Collaborating and partnering with Recruiters and Employers requires different level of tracking on our side, where LinkedIn platform is used for social introductions and making sure we know who we are dealing with - i.e. are you really representing a company that has a need to test their Agile job applicants, or are you just someone curious to take a look behind the veil?

Dear Independent Candidates,

we've initially launched this service allowing your self-managed registrations, enabling your smooth and almost instant access to this Testing Portal.

As the difficult COVID pandemic times have sent a lot of people into a job search and professional self-validation overdrive, our system was under the onslaught of bots and users ignoring our Terms of Service, creating multiple registration records to get that first free test attempt credit, and trying to bypass our security.

While we understand the pressure to find a better job that many people feel when trying to use online training and certification services similar to ours, we have to maintain fairness and reliability of this Competency Testing System in the eyes of the potential employers who would respect our LACP Certification, once you've earned it.

This made us suspend the self-managed Independent Candidate registrations, and perform a deep clean of our Database containing the recently added User records. Removing any duplicate User records, as per our TOS, and revoking any fraudulently obtained LACP certifications.

If you have registered on our Portal only once, as intended, you have nothing to worry about!

If you are interested in getting LACP certified, please contact the founder of this Service on LinkedIn and request an invitation (which is still 100% FREE, but can be used once only).

Got any questions? Please contact us on LinkedIn or directly by Email.

Thank you for your interest!


Have questions of your own that you believe haven't been covered above? Please don't hesitate to contact us and ask your question, and we'll consider adding the Q/A pair to this evolving document.


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