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Request an invitation from the founder of this Service and register FOR FREE on our Portal as an independent Candidate. You could then test your Lean-Agile skills and knowledge, obtaining an LACP Certification from JoinAgile Training Initiative.

Our Agile tests are hard, relevant, and designed to differentiate the truly valuable Lean-Agile practitioners from those who never went beyond their old PSM, CSM or another default Agile certification that no longer proves their professional suitability for the currently advertised roles.

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How good are the Agile professionals you hire?

Screening job applicants has always been a tricky task, and the complex domain of Lean-Agile knowledge usually increases these required efforts ten-fold.

Our service helps recruiters quickly test professional competency levels of their job applicants, offering comprehensive test result summaries, comparison tools and an email report that helps make their hiring decisions more educated.

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JoinAgile in 2021

Service update and plans for the New Year

Our Agile Competency Testing service remained active throughout 2020, in spite of the COVID-19 job market impact and the numerous other factors that affected the job seekers and hiring businesses all over the World.

We've had hundreds of independent candidates request invitations to test their Lean-Agile knowledge and get LACP-certified, strengthening their job seeker profiles and getting ready to face their market competition.

While the Agile recruitment business took a major hit in 2020, we are happy to see this Testing Portal still being used to help screen the job applicants for their technical competency in Lean-Agile practices and related areas.

This service will keep offering registrations to the new members, remaining active during 2021 in its current state, but suspending the development of any additional features and pre-announced new test modules.

As the job market conditions and needs have changed, we need to reevaluate the further direction for this service before taking any further steps in its development. Additionally, the personal work commitments of the founder of JoinAgile Initiative have changed in 2021, and won't allow any extra time investment into JoinAgile development activities until further notice.

If you'd like to keep an eye on JoinAgile news, please subscribe to our YouTube channel and connect with the founder on LinkedIn.


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