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How does it work?

In a nutshell, this Service helps Professional Recruiters find the right level of Agile and Lean professionals to satisfy their Clients' requirements more efficiently, without wasting anyone's time.

Step 1 - Get Invited

Recruiter obtains an invitation to register on this Portal. At the moment, while the Service is in its early rollout stage, an invitation is required. You can express interest by connecting with the Founder on LinkedIn.

We will collect more data and feedback to determine when to open the registration to anyone willing to give it a try. [ FAQ ]

Express your interest to get an invitation!

Step 2 - Who should we test?

The invited Recruiter registers here, and securely adds their Agile Job Candidates to this Portal, requesting a Test of their Lean and Agile Skills to be conducted. We then invite them to pass our Test... [ FAQ ]

We invite your job candidate to pass our Test...

Step 3 - Testing process begins

Agile Job Candidate goes through our Test, which is designed to be quite hard and properly test the depth and breadth of their Lean and Agile knowledge... [ FAQ ]

We ask them 40 questions of varying complexity...

Step 4 - We send you the results

Once your Agile Job Candidate finishes the Test, we show them the results, award them with JoinAgile Certification if they reach our own standard of 85%, and email the Recruiter to tell them how well the Candidate did in our opinion... [ FAQ ]

We send the Test results to the Recruiter

Step 5 - Make an educated hiring decision!

Recruiter can read our results breakdown and make up their own mind if the Candidate is strong enough to put forward for a specific Lean or Agile role. [ FAQ ]

Recruiter is now more educated about Agile and Lean skills of their job Candidate!

Ready to give it a go?

Check out our detailed FAQ page linked below, or use the registration form to join us.

Detailed FAQ


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