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How does it work for Recruiters?

This Portal allows you to check the competency levels of your job applicants in the knowledge and skill areas relevant to specific Agile (and other) roles.

We specialize in Lean-Agile knowledge base and associated practices, but have a growing range of technical tests, such as Java, .NET, DevOps, etc.

This video tells you more:

Step 1 - Get invited

Right now this service is in its early rollout stage, so you’ll need an invite which you can get by connecting with the founder on LinkedIn.

Express your interest to get an invitation!

Step 2 - Add candidates

Once registered, you'll be able to securely add Agile job candidates to your dashboard, and request a variety of Lean and Agile skills tests from Scrum and Kanban to behavioural aspects of Agile Coaching and Basics of Scaling.

We invite your job candidate to pass our Test...

Step 3 - We ask the right questions

Our tests are designed to probe candidates' knowledge of real-world scenarios. Often in these scenarios there are no black and white "pass/fail" answers, so we distribute and award points according to the depth and breadth of your candidates' knowledge.

We ask them 40 questions of varying complexity...

Step 4 - Review the results

We'll show your candidates a brief summary of their results, update your Portal Dashboard, and email our full report to you. These reports provide detailed explanations of the marks we awarded, in relation to tested knowledge and skill areas.

We send the Test results to the Recruiter

Step 5 - Make educated hiring decisions

Armed with our test results breakdown, you'll be able to make educated decisions on candidates' suitability for roles. Are they skilled enough to progress to the next stage of your recruitment process?

Recruiter is now more educated about Agile and Lean skills of their job Candidate!

Ready to give it a go?

Check out our detailed FAQ page , or use the registration form to join us.

Detailed FAQ


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